Neon Aubergine Table Lamp [D]

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  • Pay homage to the aubergine
  • For looking, not cooking
  • ThereÕs no getting round it, this glowing gourd is the perfect desk lamp
  • Dimensions: 43cm x 19cm x 9cm

product info

Do you take it flat or fried? Mashed or liquidised? Missionary or culinary? Are you a frier or a roaster? Baker or boiler? Grater or straight on plater? Whether you’re an eggplanter or an auberginer, this purple glowing neon veggie will take it however you like to make it.

I bet you’re used to the spongy, absorbent and fleshy veg, but unlike the real deal, this particular Solanum Melongena is hard and glowing. Starting at the bottom with a solid base, the long body of purple climaxes in a green top. How exciting, its electric glow will have your walls pulsating with light.

Get it up in the kitchen, bathroom, lounge or bedroom (we have no idea why you’d want it there though).

Neon Aubergine Table Lamp Specifications

  • Material: Glass, concrete
  • Colour: Purple, green
  • Dimensions: 43cm x 19cm x 9cm
  • Lower power consumption at only 12 – 24W
  • Requires a wall socket
  • Product Code: NSET-AUB
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