Peeing Gnome - Self Watering Planter [D]

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We all know that urine is pretty good for your plants, but gnome pee is the best! Feel as free to leave your leaves as this gnome is to let it all hang out! Pop this cheeky chappy on your cherries to make those fruits really grow…

He’s quite the horticulturalist and can keep his aim straight on your Watermelons without watering the WEEds at the same time. Maybe don’t put him on a Venus Fly Trap, that could make for one painful watering session!

A sexy supplement to the window boxes, or a perfect present for those prudish pruners.

Peeing Gnome - Self Watering Planter specifications

  • Material: China
  • Colour: Red, blue
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Product Code: MAG-17088
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