Self-Watering Gnome - Green [D]

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  • Let the gnome take over your clover
  • Don’t feel guilty, your plants won’t get wilty
  • Fill his head with water and he will leak onto your lilies
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 6.5cm x 5cm

product info

‘Oi! Human person! Gnome here. You don’t look after your plants, do you? I can tell by the shrivelled leaves of that shrub. Well eff you!’

‘Hey! Eff you, gnome! You don’t gnome me, you don’t gnome what I’ve been through!’

‘There’s no excuses, puny human. Your dahlias must never die, your ferns can never fade, your wisteria must not wither. I am offering myself up to your home, so I can sit on the soil like it is my toilet, and I can wee your Wormwood back to life. Stand aside and let the Self-Watering Gnome do the work. Then you can go on your selfish holidays without drying out your daffs like the daft homo sapien you are.’

Bit brutal, but if you can't trust a gnome to water your window box, who can you trust?

Self-Watering Gnome - Green specifications

  • Material: Red Clay
  • Colour: Green
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 6.5cm x 5cm
  • Capacity: 100 ml
  • Product Code: FIS1-HM1590
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