Sneaker Socks (S) [D]

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Bounce onto the court in your brand-new creps. Sneak a goal when no one’s defending in your soft pair of sneakers. Don your socks and slamdunk that ball like a don! You gat this!

Wait, stop the game! Ouch! There’s a stone in my shoe! But it’s not in my shoe, it’s in my foot!

Maybe don’t dodge onto the court wearing just socks, they look cool, but the only cool you'll be feeling is the ice pack attached to your pinkie toe. These socks are dastardly, dandy, but dangerous to wear anywhere near the hoop. Perfect to impress your ball bouncing besties, but less perfect when protecting your little footsies!

Sneaker Socks (S) specifications

  • Material: Cotton, polyamide, spandex
  • Colour: Blue, white
  • Dimensions: Size 36 – 40 / 15cm x 4cm x 10cm
  • Product Code: MAG-16947
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