Stormtrooper Helmet Lamp

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  • Bring your own Power Supply...
  • Illuminating ceramic Stormtrooper helmet.
  • Internal LED lights shine through the surface.
  • Made from bright white gloss glazed ceramic.
  • Runs from your old phone charger!
  • USB powered with on/off switch on the cable.

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product info

The iconic character as a ceramic lamp.Illuminating ceramic Stormtrooper helmet.Made from bright white gloss glazed ceramic.Internal LED lights shine through the surface.USB powered with on/off switch on the cable.Bring your own Power Supply...Runs from your old phone charger!Detailed replica of the Stormtrooper helmet from the 1976 movie. Realistically detailed in every way - made out of ceramic... with a light inside. The supplied low-power LED light mounts inside and shines through the ceramic creating a warm glow and highlighting the accurate detail created by the varying thickness of the features.Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios originally created iconic characters such as the Stormtrooper in 1976. This product is modelled from the original helmets produced for the movie. Those originals were hand made, and not perfectly symmetrical. This wonky charm is intentionally replicated here!Sorry - Not available in the USA165 x 158 x 167mm | 0.8Kg