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Multicoloured Home Accessories

Hot List

  • Wild and Wolf 746 Phone in French Blue - blue retro telephone
  • Wild and Wolf 746 Phone in Concrete Grey - classic grey phone
  • Umbra Gridart Photo Display - square white multi aperture frame
  • LSA Boris Decanter - designer glass whiskey carafe
  • Nessie Soup Ladle - Loch Ness Monster Serving Spoon
  • Black Toilet Paper - Renova Tissue - black toilet roll
  • Umbra Luna Photo Art Display - round picture frame - black
  • Umbra Hangit Photo Display - designer hanging photo frame
  • Umbra Flip Hook - white coat hook for 5 coats
  • Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - floating book shelf - small
  • Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses - designer whisky glasses
  • Nextime Hands Clock - Black - large hands wall clock
  • Maggiore V Multi Picture Frame - designer black multi photo frame
  • Black + Blum Fruit Loop bowl - contemporary fruit bowls
Jumbo Cutlery Drainer
  • Fixie Pizza Cutter
  • Newgate Clocks
Kitchen Clocks & Timers
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What's New ?

  • Joseph Joseph Index Advance with Knives – chopping board and knife set
  • Joseph Joseph Totem Recycling Unit - 60L - white kitchen bin
  • Joseph Joseph Elevate Spatula Set - baking gift set
  • Joseph Joseph Hexagons Worktop Saver - geometric chopping board
  • Joseph Joseph Extend Dish Drainer - Expandable dishrack
  • Joseph Joseph Segment Utensil Pot – green and white designer utensil pot
  • Joseph Joseph DrawerStore - Green - expandable drawer organiser
  • Joseph Joseph Guitar Amp Worktop Saver - novelty chopping board
  • Joseph Joseph Elevate Wood Carousel - spinning utensil stand
  • Joseph Joseph Cassette Worktop Saver – cassette tape chopping board
  • Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils Plus - stackable utensil set
  • Joseph Joseph Nest Measure Set - measuring cup set
  • Joseph Joseph Nest Storage - 6 piece - food storage box set
  • Joseph Joseph Arena Dish Drainer - designer dishrack
  • Joseph Joseph Sink Saver - adjustable sink protector
  • Joseph Joseph Kitchen Tools Worktop Saver - graphic cutting board
  • Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin - designer kitchen gadget
  • Joseph Joseph Club Sandwich Worktop Saver – novelty sandwich chopping board
  • Thomas Kent Arabic Wall Clock Cream - 6 inch - small wall clock
  • Thomas Kent Arabic Wall Clock Duck Egg - 6 inch - small blue clock
  • Thomas Kent Arabic Wall Clock Cool Mink - 6 inch
  • Thomas Kent Arabic Wall Clock Black - 6 inch - small wall clock
  • Thomas Kent Arabic Wall Clock Stone - 6 inch - small grey clock

Funky Homeware, Kitchen Accessories & Gifts

If Funky Homeware, kitchen accessories and quirky gifts are your cup of tea, then you can be our friend anytime! From magnificent multi photo frames to wall clocks, we have packed RedCandy.co.uk full to the brim with the most modern, exciting and downright awesome interior accessories that will make your life a much more colourful place to hang out in. If you enjoy spreading the love, then be sure to clap your peepers on our gorgeous gifts for girls and funky gifts for guys collections; a triumphant gathering of treasures set to transform interiors from 'whatever' to 'wow!' in a blink!


It's no secret; we absolutely adore bright and vibrant colour! We've got enough colourful home accessories & red kitchenware in our collection to turn your home into the brightest place this side of the sun. From toasters and kettles, to red rubber washing up bowls and red glassware, if you are in need of funky kitchen utensils then you have clicked to the right place. The kaleidoscopic onslaught  doesn't stop at the kitchen, either! If you enjoy getting red hot and steamy in the bathroom, then our collection of red bathroom accessories, designer soap pumps, and shower curtains should have you all in a lather.

Why not get some great design up on your walls with our collage photo frames, funky clocks and wall stickers? We are pretty confident that we have the largest and most exciting selection of multi frames & funky picture frames around, so if you are looking to show off some modern photographs in style then our collage frames are second to none. Tick tock, fancy a clock? Our tantalising timepieces, including funky wall clocks and mantel clocks, are just the thing for bringing a focal point to your modern interior. Our wall décor homeware collection is finished off in style with a kaleidoscopic collaboration of designer wall stickers & Banksy wall stickers that would make funky gifts, and are also ideal for adding an unusual element to your interior design.