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Nothing beats a steaming cup of the hot stuff, so crank up the enjoyment levels by drinking your favourite beverage out of one of our stylish red mugs & red cups.

With an enviable collection of designer teacups & modern coffee mugs from numerous international brands, we are sure that Red Candy has the most comprehensive collection of red tea cups & mugs on the internet.  Our favourite from this collection has got to be the red Pantone Mug - see right.  This would make a perfect gift for all creative types out there!

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Red Espresso Cup and Saucer
SALE - 4.00

Conjure up an Italian veranda with this chic espresso cup and saucer.

Was: £4.00
Now: £3.60
Large Red Cappuccino Cup and Saucer
SALE - 6.40

A charming porcelain cup and saucer for a lovely, calming cuppa.

Was: £6.40
Now: £5.80
Red 0.7 Pint Mug
SALE - 4.50

A bright red mug for a lovely cuppa. More tea vicar?

Was: £4.50
Now: £4.10

Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs
SALE - 18.00

Our favourite set of mugs in the world!

Was: £18.00
Now: £16.20
Typhoon Poppy Square Mugs - Set of 2

Get your hot drinks on with this set of stunning cups!

Rainbow Tumbler Set with Stand
SALE - 29.00

Make every drink epic with these colourful designer porcelain cups!

Was: £29.00
Now: £26.10

La Cafetiere Latte Large Red Mug
SALE - 6.10

This large red mug is perfect for those that enjoy a LOT of tea!

Was: £6.10
Now: £5.50
La Cafetiere Cappuccino Cup & Saucer
SALE - 4.90

An eye-catching cappuccino cup & saucer from La Cafetière.

Was: £4.90
Now: £4.40
La Cafetiere Red Espresso Cup & Saucer
SALE - 4.40

Small, yet perfectly formed!  These espresso cups have the wow factor!

Was: £4.40
Now: £4.00

Rainbow Espresso Cups Tower Set
SALE - 19.50

Think happy thoughts with these colourful espresso cups!

Was: £19.50
Now: £17.60
Rainbow Cappuccino Cups Tower Set
SALE - 20.50

Smile every day when you use these colourful cappuccino cups!

Was: £20.50
Now: £18.50
Bodum Canteen Double Wall Set of 2 Mugs
SALE - 25.00

Keep your brew hot and toasty with this stylish insulated mug.

Was: £25.00
Now: £22.50

Rainbow XL Latte Cups Tower Set
SALE - 39.00

Enjoy long relaxing drinks with these large colourful latte cups!

Was: £39.00
Now: £35.10
Baroque & Rock Coffee Cup
SALE - 8.00

Have a posh coffee with this stylish red acrylic cup and saucer. 

Was: £8.00
Now: £3.60
Confetti Mugs - Set of 2
SALE - 17.00

Enjoy hot drinks with this set of 2 designer cups with red silicone grips!

Was: £17.00
Now: £15.30

Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs - Violet
SALE - 18.00

A colourful set of modern designer violet cups!

Was: £18.00
Now: £16.20
Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs - Green
SALE - 18.00

Green Italian designer cups.

Was: £18.00
Now: £16.20
Guzzini Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs - Orange
SALE - 18.00

Colourful orange Italian cups.

Was: £18.00
Now: £16.20

Red Dotty Pint Mug
SALE - 5.30

Sometimes you just need a pint of tea in a very cute mug.

Was: £5.30
Now: £4.80
Red Pint Mug
SALE - 5.00

The bigger the better, with this 1 pint mug!

Was: £5.00
Now: £4.50
Red Dotty 0.7 Pint Mug
SALE - 4.90

If you're dotty about polka dots, this porcelain red mug is perfect.


Was: £4.90
Now: £4.40

Guzzini Love Mugs - Set of 2
SALE - 28.90

These designer mugs come presented in a premium gift box.

Was: £28.90
Now: £26.00
Typhoon Novo Mug Tree

Display your best mugs with this retro red designer cup holder!

Galzone Assorted Red Mugs - Set of 3
SALE - 7.50

Funk up your mug cupboard with this assorted designer set!

Was: £7.50
Now: £6.80

Bubble Red Mug
SALE - 3.50

Give your tea a fashion boost with this designer red ceramic cup!

Was: £3.50
Now: £3.20
Brights Red Mug
SALE - 2.20

Keep drinks cheerful with this simple red cup.

Was: £2.20
Now: £2.00
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