About Us


love design,
do things differently,
and drink lots of tea :)

Welcome to the colourful world of Red Candy! We hope that you enjoy your visit, and find exactly what you are looking for.

Red Candy was launched in 2009, as the world’s first red-only website. We’re not joking; literally every product we stocked, from clocks & colanders, to mugs & magazine racks, was red!

However, at the request of our customers, we soon decided to push forward and embrace colours from all ends of the spectrum. Moving away from our rouge niche was pretty scary at first, but I hope you’ll agree with us when we say we now think that it was the best decision we ever made!

Welcome to our colourful world!

Red Candy Office

It’s no big secret that here at Red Candy we really hate beige. To us it encapsulates everything which is dull and boring in life, and quite frankly, we think it needs to pipe down!

‘Shut up, beige!’ is our battle cry against everything bland, reflecting our mission to cut this lifeless shade down to size and fill our homes with lots of lovely colour instead!

It might be as simple as adding a colourful feature piece to a plain wall, or adding a bright cushion to a dull sofa; we welcome you to join the fight!

Shut Up, Beige!

Although no doubt helped by a pretty website, and a splendid product selection, we certainly would not have become the company we are without our customer-centric approach to all that we do.

We simply are not happy until our customers are happy, and will always go to great lengths to ensure that every enquiry ends with smiles all around! :)

With a solid 99% customer satisfaction record (assessed by Feefo, an independent review system provider), and thousands of glowing customer reviews, we tend not to blow our own trumpet. Instead, we leave this to you!