About Us

We love design, do things differently,
and drink lots of tea :)

Welcome to the colourful world of Red Candy! We hope that you enjoy your visit, and find exactly what you are looking for.

Red Candy was launched in 2009, as the world's first red-only website.  We're not joking; literally every product we stocked, from clocks & colanders, to mugs & magazine racks, was red!

However, at the request of our customers, we soon decided to push forward and embrace colours from all ends of the spectrum.  Moving away from our rouge niche was pretty scary at first, but I hope you'll agree with us when we say we now think that it was the best decision we ever made! 

Welcome to our colourful world!


WE HATE BEIGE! Come on and say it with us, WE HATE BEIGE! Okay maybe stop, the person next to you is looking a little freaked out…

‘Shut up, beige!’ is our battle cry against everything bland, boring and bad (and that’s bad bad not cool bad). Your mission, and you will accept it, is to make your home as fun as a haunted house at Christmas, but with added rainbow!

It might be as simple as adding a feature piece to a beige (urgh) wall, or adding a bright cushion to a beige (URGHHH) sofa; we welcome you to join the fight!


Go on, admit it, you’re in lurrrrrve! You can’t deny it, you’ve written it all over our site, like a naughty school kid scribbling underneath desks.

But seriously, we wouldn’t be the company we are now without our customers. We love you and your glowing reviews, and we’ll always ensure that every enquiry ends with a smile. We’d even go so far as bringing a llama footstool to your wedding day (genuinely this almost happened once).

If we’re blushing, it’s because we have a solid 99% customer satisfaction record, thanks to you and our review provider, Feefo. We’ll leave the trumpet blowing to you! 😉