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Tuesday 1st December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide #4: Gifts for Foodies


It’s December!!

We’ve donned our Christmas jumpers, the advent calendars are open, and the halls are well and truly decked (i.e. our office is decorated with pretty sparkly things).

And with lots of us now turning our attention to the yummy treats the festive season brings with it, today’s gift guide focuses on Foodies! Yes, keen cooks, aspiring Mary Berrys, and people who simply just love food!

So if you’re on the hunt for a gift for a friend/family member who believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home, then feast your eyes on these amazing Christmas gifts for foodies! These funky kitchen accessories will aid them in creating delightful dishes that will see their family racing to the kitchen.

Check out the full Gifts for Keen Cooks and Bakers range here, and also keep an eye on our blog over the next couple of weeks for a new gift guide per day, including guides for globetrotters, bookworms and keen gardeners!

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus, £37.50

This colourful baking set is an essential weapon in the armoury of any keen baker! Containing five measuring cups, a small mixing bowl, a sieve, a colander and a large mixing bowl, this nestable set makes a wonderful designer gift! Also comes in a smaller Nest 7 version.


Nessie Soup Ladle (£12.50) and Mamma Nessie Colander (£15.95)

Nessie has become something of an internet sensation since designers OTOTO her into the wild; with Loch Ness Monster sightings increasing tenfold! However the plot has recently thickened with the revelation that this mythical creature has a mother: Mamma Nessie!

These cheerful creations are brimming with fun and functionality, and unsurprisingly they have both shot to the top of our Best Sellers list! They would both make wonderful gifts for foodies, and anyone who likes to cook with their kids!



Fixie Pizza Cutters, £14.50 each

These quirky pizza cutters would make brilliant stocking fillers for keen cyclists, pizza lovers and anyone who adores quirky design! These delightful designs will take the user on a Tour d’Italy as they slice their way through the pizza terrain!


Dip it Utensils Set, £28

These chic bamboo utensils with a gorgeous dipped colour effect are among our favourite kitchen gadgets! However they are now a rare breed as they are soon to be discontinued so get them while you can!


Pit Stop Pizza Cutters, £14.50 each

Another one for the pizza fans out there! These retro racing car pizza cutters will make sure the lucky recipient is top of the podium in the pizza-slicing stakes!

Umbra Old School Stand and Stylus, £15

This designer tablet holder is a stylish blend of old and new: it shaped like an old fashioned blackboard easel with a piece of chalk, however it is actually a handy stand for your tablet – and the chalk is a stylus! Clever eh! This quirky design is therefore great for displaying recipes on your iPad, and would make a delightful stocking filler for keen cooks!

Happy Jackson Snack Boxes – Set of 4, £10.95

These cheerful snack boxes are a fun-filled celebration of the glorious morsels we call snacks! Perfect for storing snacks and lunch in a funky way, these colourful boxes are guaranteed to brighten the lucky recipient’s day!


Joseph Joseph Gastronomy UK Map Worktop Saver, £15

This sleek glass worktop saver features a stylish typographic map of Britain, and would make a brilliant gift for keen cooks and fans of trying local delicacies. The featured words are types of food and drink which each place on the map is famous for, for example broth for Scotland, Guinness for Ireland, shepherd’s pie for Wales and, of course, fish and chips for the English coast! See more glass worktop savers here.


Muffin Top Baking Cups, £14.50

These novelty cupcake moulds are a new and fun way to present your cupcakes. And you thought you’d never want a muffin top! These quirky creations would make great stocking fillers and also perfect presents for keen bakers with a fun sense of humour.


Need more inspiration?

Click here for our full Gifts for Keen Cooks and Bakers range! And remember to look out for our other eleven gift guides – there will be a new one added every working day until 11th December – see what’s coming up here!

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