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Thursday 26th November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide #1: Gifts for Girls



First up in our Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guides series is Gifts for Girls!

If you are struggling to find a pressie for your mum, grandma, aunt, daughter or female friends then look no further! Our gifts cater for all females – the domestic goddess, the tea addict, the animal lover, the photography fanatic, the bookworm, and, of course, the pal who enjoys the *odd* glass of wine.

And not forgetting the dreaded Mothers in Law; where a good gift is essential in keeping these proverbial fire-breathers happy!

Check out our entire gifts for her collection here, and also keep an eye on our blog over the next couple of weeks for a new gift guide per day, including guides for foodies, bookworms and keen gardeners!

Wild and Wolf 746 Phone – Copper, £49

Our wonderful Wild & Wolf 746 retro telephones have been firm fixtures on our best-sellers list for a while now, so when they introduced three shiny new metallic versions in October, it’s safe to say we got very excited! This cool copper version is our favourite – copper is a hot trend at the moment and it is also very seasonal for winter months, making it a brilliant Christmas present! See the brass and chrome versions as well as the other colours here!


Umbra Gridart Photo Display – Walnut, £30

This elegant walnut frame is a perfect gift for snap-happy and creative friends – especially Instagram lovers! Comprising of four rows of four squares, it is the perfect platform for experimenting with different themes and images to create a beautiful personalised display. Also comes in white and natural wood.

LSA Coro Wine Glasses – Berry, £22

This stunning set would make a wonderful gift for mums or grandmas who enjoy a tipple in the evening. Plus it comes in festive colours!


Umbra Hangit Photo Display – Natural, £19

This simple but brilliant photo display would make a lovely personalised – and affordable – gift for female friends and family members! This cute display contains five rows of clothes lines on which the lucky recipient can peg their favourite photos and memories. Also available in white and mint!


Mamma Nessie Colander, £15.95

Earlier this year, the Nessie Soup Ladle took the Internet by storm, leading to Loch Ness Monster sightings in kitchens across the country! However the plot has just thickened… this mythical monster has a mum! This adorable Loch Ness Monster strainer ladle is brimming with fun and character, and would make a fantastic gift for people of all ages – whether keen cooks or students who need a little extra encouragement to move away from the microwave!


Umbra Toto Storage Box – Mint, £30

Every girl needs a toolbox: be it for makeup, jewellery, crafts, or other bits and bobs! The Umbra Toto Storage Box is a handy caddy for keeping all our important kit together. This designer caddy is a stylish update on the classic toolbox design, and would make a brilliant gift for her (especially if the lady in question is a tad messy!) Also comes in white and a smaller white version.


Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus, £37.50

Bright, playful, easy to store, and full of functionality – what’s not to love!? This awesome set from Joseph Joseph contains five measuring cups, a small mixing bowl, a sieve, a colander and a large mixing bowl. Check out other designer baking goodies from Joseph Joseph here.


Happy Jackson Queen of Awesomeness Mug, £7.95

Do you want to tell your mum/girlfriend/female friend that they are the Queen of Awesomeness, but you’re not sure how? Well fear not, this funky mug will do all the talking for you!


Thomas Kent Puffin Alarm Clock – Rose Gold, £35

This designer alarm clock exudes elegance at every step and would make a glamorous gift for mum. It is encased in a stunning rose gold case, and its sturdy design and weight is indicative of its brilliant quality. It also features a handy non-ticking movement, ensuring that mum gets a good night’s sleep! Also comes in red and gun metal.

Need more inspiration?

Click here for our full Gifts for Her range! And remember to look out for our other eleven gift guides – there will be a new one added every working day until 11th December – see what’s coming up here!

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