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Friday 4th December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide #7: Gifts for Wine & Whiskey Lovers

xmas-gift-guide-7-gifts-for-wine-whiskey-loversIf your friends or family enjoy a cheeky tipple of whiskey in the evening, or a glass of wine with dinner, then this particular gift guide is the one for you! Especially if you’re drawing a blanc with gift ideas! (bad um tch!)

If a bottle of wine or whiskey is you go-to present, they why not up your gift game with a stylish wine or whiskey glass? Plus they’ll last a lot longer!

Check out our  full range of Wine and Whiskey Lovers gifts here, and also keep an eye on our blog over the next couple of weeks for a new gift guide per day, including guides for bookworms and keen gardeners!

LSA Boris Decanter, £54

A fantastic gift for the man of the house, and anyone who enjoys a cheeky tipple. Whether filled with brandy, whisky or even a fine red wine, this designer glass carafe elegantly commands attention in any room!


LSA Edge Wine Glasses – Set of 2, £40

This pair of stunning glasses each feature a unique hand painted rose gold lustre band around the bottom, giving any occasion an essence of glamour. These modern wine glasses are absolute must-haves for keen hosts who think their dinner table should be as dressed to impress as their guests.



Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses, £31.95

If your pops enjoys the finer things in life, like a quiet and uninterrupted drink of cognac in a peaceful setting, then these designer cognac glasses will be right up his street!  Specifically designed with cognac and its connoisseurs in mind, these rocking cognac glasses enhance the enjoyment of your favourite tipple, turning each drink into a moment to be savoured.


LSA Coro Wine Glasses – Berry, £22

These stunning modern coloured wine glasses would make a wonderful Christmas gift, and look especially inviting when presented full to the brim of a fine red! This sleek set of four beautifully hand-crafted glasses boasts understated but stylish colouring around the foot, each tonally associated with warm berry colours.



LSA Ono Duck Carafe, £36

An ideal gift for keen dinner party hosts, this seductively sleek design will ensure the wine is flowing at any special occasion!



Sagaform Whiskey Stones, £12.50

Ideal for whiskey connoisseurs and design enthusiasts alike, these cool creations ensure that your favourite tipple remains perfectly chilled and completely undiluted (because unlike ice cubes, these won’t dissolve into your drink). They even come in a swish black velvet gift bag!


Giant Champagne Cork Cooler, £55

Is there a better way to keep your booze chilled than with an ice bucket shaped like a giant champagne cork? We don’t think so! The Giant Champagne Cork Cooler is a great gift for wine connoisseurs and anyone who enjoys a nice glass of bubbly! With the words ‘Grand Vin De Champagne’ branded on the bottom of the cork say goodbye to those boring plastic ice buckets, and add this classy design to your home!


LSA Polka Wine Glasses – Metallic – Set of 4, £27

These gorgeous hand-painted wine glasses would make a fabulous gift for wine lovers and keen party hosts! In different metal-inspired hues with an iridescent finish this luxurious set is perfect for special occasions and also when enjoying the odd glass in the evening.


Happy Jackson Wine I Love You! Coaster, £2.95

Complete with a very *ahem* meaningful declaration of love, this delightfully red designer drinks coaster from Happy Jackson is the perfect present for wine adoring friends. This funky creation will make the lucky recipient smile every time they lift their wine glass – as they reminisce about that wild night on the town last weekend where you screamed out the very phrase emblazoned on the coaster!

happy-jackson-wine-i-love-you2Need more inspiration?

Click here for our entire Wine & Whiskey Lovers range! And remember to look out for our other eleven gift guides – there will be a new one added every working day until 11th December – see what’s coming up here!

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