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Friday 9th December 2016

Christmas Gift Guides: Gifts for Sport Lovers

xmas guides sport lovers

1. Foosball Bottle Opener – Red, £12.50
2. Fixie Pizza Cutter – Bumblebee, £14.50
3. Punch Bag Laundry Bag, £18.95
4. Op Art Basketball Framed Print, £57
5. Home Run Oven Glove, £8
6. Umbra T-Frame T-Shirt Frame, £24
7. Cycling and Bike Fanatic Framed Print – A4, £40

Sport-themed home accessories which are perfect for football fans, keen cyclists and other sports addicts! Display your favourite football or rugby shirt in a special t-shirt frame, or show off a contemporary sports-themed art print! Plus we have included some quirky household accessories which will encourage notorious chore-shirkers into becoming domestic gods and goddesses: for example a laundry bag shaped like a punch bag and a baseball mitt-shaped oven glove!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog over the next week for a new gift guide per day! Coming up: gifts for snap-happy photographers and keen gardeners!

xmas guides sport lovers top pick

Get on yer bike and take your pizza-cutting escapades up a gear with the Fixie Pizza Cutters from DOIY! Looking exactly like a scaled-down fixed-gear bike, this quirky black and yellow pizza cutter is the perfect gift for keen bikers, Tour de France fans, hipsters, and pizza lovers! Available in a range of colour combos!

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