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Tuesday 21st March 2017

New Product Alert! Part 1

Earlier this year we mentioned that a shed full of new wonderful products would soon be coming your way! Well, we promised you new stuff and new stuff you shall have!

We’ve been busy as bees sourcing new and exciting products from both our established brands and hot new brands, which we’ve split into two different blog posts. First to look at the wonderful new offerings from eight of our favourite brands, including Umbra, Wesco and LSA International! Keep an eye out for the next post, which will look at seven exciting new brands!

When sourcing new products we keep the Red Candy principles of ‘colourful, quirky and modern’ close to our minds (and wallets!!) We also keep a keen eye on emerging homeware trends, and choose a curated selection of products from the trends which fit our ethos. 2017 is seeing a big rise in pastel colours, iridescent rainbow home accessories, and the idea of inviting nature indoors. See if you can spot any of them in these new additions!

1. Disaster Designs

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Disaster Designs‘ wonderful collection of dino and animal lamps (plus their more recent dino egg cup range), so these new additions got us very excited indeed! Three words: pink stegosaurus lamp!! The only bad news is that it’s out of stock ’til May – but you can still preorder!


2. Mustard

Mustard products are always a joy to behold, and we adore their new Spring 2017 offerings! Their Wild Dining range is unique and wonderfully quirky. You can give each animal a mealtime makeover – and you never know, these creative food presentations might just encourage the little ones to eat their greens! We also love Mustard’s new Lucky Cat Pen Pot and Bikends Bookends!



We adore the new tropical Saguaro range from DOIY! This imaginative collection comprises a carafe, plus a set of glasses which stack in such a way that the ensemble looks like the iconic saguaro cactus – complete with branches! The carafe arrives with us in May, but the glasses are available now – go go go!


4. Umbra

Umbra‘s spring collection was our first big addition this year – and we even dedicated an entire blog post to it! From new multi photo frames to kitchen accessories, their new products are reflective of the interior trends coming through – including teal and iridescent hues. It also indicates that the big 2016 trends of copper and tropical motifs are still going strong!


5. LSA International

With iridescent homeware being the new hot trend of 2017, we are jumping on the rather shiny bandwagon with a selection from LSA‘s gorgeous new Pearl Collection. Including wine glasses, tealight holders and tumblers, these stunning creations have been hand-painted with a sheer mother of pearl lustre, giving them a stunning – yet subtle – iridescent finish.


6. Noted

We all fell in love with the adorable little Peropons, so we are super excited to introduce the Papa Peropons from Noted – which are more than twice the size of the originals!

noted 2

7. Wesco

Kitchens just got colourful with this vibrant collection from Wesco! This bright and bold range includes bread bins, scales, kitchen clocks and timers, bins and knife blocks in colours across the rainbow. A brilliant way of adding a splash of colourful character to your kitchen!


8. Luckies

Another brand which never fails to deliver when it comes to quirky and tongue-in-cheek home accessories is Luckies! We particularly love their new Milk Light, Chalkboard Map, and the amazing Swanky Ladle – a swan-shaped serving spoon which floats on top of your soup!

***Click here for all our recent New Additions, and keep an eye out for Part 2 of this blog – which looks at our seven exciting new brands and their products!***

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