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Thursday 29th December 2016

Rock Your Resolutions! 8 tips to help you stick to your 2017 goals!

We always start the new year with the best intentions – but, in reality, by March we’ve usually given up on any resolutions we made at the beginning of the year. The list that we hastily scribbled on the back of a beer mat at midnight might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but – let’s be honest – we didn’t really think about how to go about actually achieving them.

But this year, instead of being doomed to fail, we are determined to rock our resolutions! So, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to succeed with the most popular resolution endeavors – including travelling more, getting organised and ditching our smartphones!

And here are some of our own resolutions – some more serious than others…! Wish us luck!


Resolution: Get organised

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions! (probably something to do with the fact that your home is buried under a tonne of discarded wrapping paper and Christmas cracker prizes!)

Tip: But jokes aside, the start of the new year is a chance for a clean sheet and the perfect excuse to have a good tidy. A good starting point is investing in some new storage solutions, which will instantly help you on your de-cluttering mission! Check out our funky storage accessories and quirky memo boards (including this rather stylish Framed Letter Board) for inspiration. Plus, January 14th is Organise Your Home Day, so expect lots of tidying tips from us that week!


Resolution: Ditch the smart phones

Tip: If you’re on a mission to stop living life through a screen then investing in a landline phone is a good way of interacting with your loved ones on a more personal level! Check out our Wild & Wolf Retro Telephones – perfect for swapping a night spent refreshing Facebook for a good old-fashioned chinwag!


Resolution: See more of the world

Tip: If travelling is top of your list for 2017 then the best way of succeeding is to set your sights on a couple of specific places and trips. After all, unless you’re lucky enough to get a sabbatical from work then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get all 196 countries done within your annual leave constraints! Our Corkboard Map will help you pinpoint those essential places!


Resolution: Detox

Tip: If your poor, abused liver is in need of a much needed break in 2017 then participating in Dry January is a good starting point! And to help you resist the inevitable after work drinks invitation or that small glass of wine on a Friday night, why not make your soft and hot drinks more fun?!

For example: you could drink smoothies or milkshakes from a retro jam jar tankard or make a quality brew with a quirky tea infuser! And if you want to raise money while you detox, check out Cancer Research’s Dryathlon page here.


Resolution: Eat more healthily

Tip: Whilst we’re not experts on healthy eating (if you saw our office snack table you’d see why), we do know that separating food into healthy portions is a good place to start. Our Happy Jackson Snack Boxes are a great way of doing this in a fun, colourful and quirky way!


Resolution: De-stress

Tip: The festive period is often one of the most stressful times of the year, leaving us crying out for a relaxing January. For the perfect advice on how to slow things down and create a home which will help you on you path to relaxation heaven, check our our recent blog post about Hygge – a Danish concept which centres on cosiness and well-being. Think candles, warm blankets and spending time with those you love!


Resolution: Redecorate the bathroom/lounge/kitchen/house

Tip: If DIY is top of your 2017 to do list, then it’s worth checking out the upcoming hot homeware trends. Look out for our next blog post which will look at each of them in detail, however as food for thought: pastel colours, green hues, and cork will be BIG next year. Plus cactus motifs will still be going strong, so if you’ve hopped on the tropical trend bandwagon this year then fear not: you’re still bang on trend!


Resolution: Stop snoozing and seize the day!

Tip: If you’re guilty of repeatedly hitting the snooze button (and then giving up and sleeping in ’til midday), then some tough love may be in order, in the form of the Suck UK Clocky – Gold! We can’t decide whether this runaway alarm clock is genius, or just plain evil! But we do know that nothing would get us out of bed faster than a relentlessly beeping alarm clock running around our bedroom. Apart from a bacon sandwich maybe.



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