🚨 NEW Products Alert - David Shrigley is BACK!

🚨 NEW Products Alert - David Shrigley is BACK!
Roll Up, roll up and welcome to the most marvellous, most magical, and most wonderful world of the cult British visual artist - Mr David Shrigley. 
We are completely fan crushing on Shrigley's iconic illustrative pieces from cheeky sarcastic tigers, sweary statement coasters to irreverent poodle-adorned notebooks and cheeky mugs galore. The only issue we see here is you have to grab them quick as they keep selling out!  

No One Disrespects My Drawings Sketchbook

Well, you’ve been warned.

Beer Diver Coaster

Come on in, the water’s BREW-tiful!

I Want to Look Like This Mug

If you’re saying you DON’T want to look like this glamorous and gorgeous poodle then 1. You’re crazy and 2. You’re a liar.

Funny Pencils - Set of 7

A pencil set for your thoughts? Or at least a pencil set filled with the fascinating thoughts of David Shrigley.

Hungover Thermal Water Bottle

Oh the slowly dawning dread as you gain consciousness. The brief moment of forget moving into the crashing reality of regret as your head starts to pound, your eyes throb and you have to peel your tongue from the roof of your mouth. There's only one thing that will help this terrible hangover situation - an icy cold bottle of water ASAP!

David Shrigley Vinyl Stickers Vol 2

David Shrigley's work is funny, sardonic, irreverent and pulls no punches - but have you ever just wanted to stick it somewhere?

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