10 perfect gifts for females (even the Mother in Law!)

10 perfect gifts for females (even the Mother in Law!)
It’s December!! We've donned our crimbo jumpers, the advent calendars are open, and the halls are well and truly decked (i.e. our office is decorated with pretty sparkly things). It is now acceptable to be “Christmassy” and to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of elves and red-nosed reindeers. But amongst these magical Christmas creatures are the ever-present and much-feared dragons; more commonly referred to as The Mothers in Law. And at this time of year a terrible choice of present can turn even the most welcoming of in-laws into the proverbial fire-breather we all dread. Well, be rest assured that Red Candy have prepared your very own Christmas Miracle - our Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Her are guaranteed to get the MIL off your back (for an hour or two anyway!) And we know that all females can sometimes be tricky to buy for - if you are struggling for a pressie for your mum, grandma, aunt, daughter or female friends then look no further! Our gifts cater for all females – the domestic goddess, the tea addict, the animal lover, the photography fanatic, the bookworm, and, of course, the pal who enjoys the *odd* glass of wine. Enjoy! blog2 1. Wild and Wolf 746 Phone - French Blue, £39 This retro-tastic telephone makes a beautiful gift for someone with an eye for retro design or a love for the Swinging Sixties. Designed to evoke 1960s design with its sexy curves and subtle colour, this elegant phone brings with it unmistakable retro charm. And in French Blue, the Wild and Wolf 746 Phone telephone is ideal for making your loved one feel like Brigitte Bardot. Other exciting colours are available here! wild-and-wolf-746-phone-french-blue 2. Umbra Luna Photo Art Display, £48 This is a multi photo frame like no other! Contained within a beautiful round body, this circular photo frame is a fabulous gift for aspiring artists and photography fanatics alike. Why not fill it with some favourite snaps to make your present even more personal? This unique photo display also comes in white. umbra-luna-frame-black 3. Newgate Teapot Wall Clock, £35 If it’s always time for tea in your mum’s house, then this is the perfect Christmas gift for her! This vintage-advertising-inspired clock will bring bundles of jolly-character to any wall, and is ideal for those who enjoy quirky design and British nostalgia. newgate-clocks-newgate-teapot-wall-clock-p2166-2728_zoom 4. Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater, £8.90 Quirky kitchen accessories do not get much better than a hedgehog-shaped cheese grater!! This cute character looks great in any kitchen, and makes a fabulous stocking filler. The mini version only costs £6.50 too! koziol-kasimir-cheese-grater3 5. LSA Coro Berry Wine Glasses - Berry, £23.50 These stunning modern wine glasses are a perfect present for wine connoisseurs everywhere! They will add elegance to any Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner party - cheers! coro glasses 6. Jumbo Cutlery Drainer - Grey, £12.50 Jumbo the Elephant is both an adorable and practical addition to any kitchen space! When draining cutlery the excess water will drain out of his trunk, which hangs over the sink. Unlike most elephants in the room, no one will want to avoid Jumbo – he makes a fantastic gift for animal and kitchen lovers alike. luckies-jumbo-cutlery-drainer-grey2 7. Suck UK Sun Jars, £15.50 each These gorgeous sun jars make perfect pressies for female friends or family. Available in yellow, pink and blue, these funky creations light up automatically at night, giving out a warm glow. They can be used inside or out, and create a unique and attractive atmosphere. And most importantly, the jar is completely watertight, so don’t fear for its safety in the perilous English weather! suckuk-sun-jar 8. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Small, £10.50 This simple yet ingenious design is the perfect gift for book lovers! A firm fixture in our best sellers list, the Umbra Conceal Bookshelf creates the powerful illusion of books seemingly floating in piles all up and across your walls. Also levitating books are ideal for Harry Potter fans - Wingardium Leviosa! conceal-book-shelf 9. Menu Jewellery Tree, £32 If your loved one adores her jewellery then this stunning jewellery tree is the perfect gift for her. Finding this particular tree underneath the Christmas tree will be a treat for any female friend – it even comes in an exquisite gift box! A fabulous addition to anyone’s dressing table, the Menu Jewellery Tree is both chic and practical. menu-jewellery-tree 10. Kitchen Utensils Bookend, £18 A great gift for kitchen goddesses and occasional cooks alike, this stylish bookend will add a unique touch to any cook book collection. Based on the silhouette of a pot of utensils, this red bookend is perfect for keeping cook books and recipes neat and tidy. Stylish bookends make a great gift for mums and female friends alike; check out the full Susan Bradley bookend collection here. susanbradley-utensils-bookend

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