An Elephant Never Forgets...

Eric The Memo Elephant
We love elephants. In fact we think Red Candy products share a lot of similarities with this majestic creature! For starters, Red Candy products are bold and loud, just like an elephant and whenever someone notices one of our products in a room - they want to address it. Eric The Memo Elephant HOWEVER Where we differ from these amazing animals is our memory (or lack thereof…) Did you know an elephant might remember 500 (and up to 1000) different elephants in its life!? For instance, a pair of elephants who had performed in a circus together were able to recognize each other when they met more than 20 years later! Pretty impressive. Soooo I guess this might be a little embarrassing for us to admit we have forgotten to write a blog post in 5 years… awks. How could we be so forgetful? We are now feeling inspired by the extravagant elephants in the world and plan to share with you lovely customers, gift guides, must-haves and everyday essentials with our quirky, humorous and totally unique products! We are confident that our Red Candy collections and products will make you smile as much as you did when you watched that viral video of a baby elephant playing with its own trunk for the first time. If you ever find yourself searching for perfect picnic accessories, summer BBQ must haves or in need of the ultimate birthday gift, we got you covered and we welcome you to join in on the Red Candy fun!
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