Another Red Festival? Takayama Matsuri!

Today is the Takayama Matsuri in Japan! Spring Festival to you and me, but no less exciting!
This festival is all about celebrating the coming of Spring and praying for a good harvest.

The festivals are famous for the large ornate floats, or yatai, which roam around the city at night. The floats date back to the 17th century, and are decorated with intricate carvings of gilded wood, and detailed metal-work, rich design, with elements from the early Edo period.

Detailed carving, lacquering and beautiful decorative metal-works is found not only on the outside of the floats, but inside as well, under the roof and behind the panels, where the work is amazingly detailed.
The floats are also “gorgeously decorated with embroidered drapery.

These festivities sure look more exciting than a grey day in the UK... :(
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