Autumn Leaves - Nature's Red Candy

Autumn Leaves - Nature's Red Candy
This autumn time I was lucky enough to get a lovely sunny afternoon to go out and take some pictures of the trees and bushes around my home as they began to glow a gorgeous red. My favourite pics were of this tree. I think it might be some type of oak, but I'm not sure. If you know what it is, please write in and let me know! For some interesting facts on why some trees turn their leaves red in the autumn, check out this article by Nature News: Why autumn leaves turn red.

On the theme of lovely leaves, I found this artwork by London-based designer and illustrator, Owen Gildersleeve. His arrangement of painstakingly hand-crafted paper leaves, entitled Abscission, is currently available as an iPhone wallpaper at

Abscission by Owen Gildersleeve

Also worth a look is November commissioned by Minale Design Strategy for their 2010 calendar. For this they asked 12 different artists to reinterpret the company logo. Gildersleeve was given the month of November (hence this the title) so crafted more than 300 paper leaves to create this gorgeous and unusual autumnal scene.

Excerpt from November by Owen Gildersleeve
If you're really into leaf shapes and want to have them in your own home all year round, have a quick gander at these stainless steel leaf bowls by Eva Solo.

I hope you enjoyed today's Big Red Blog. Don't forget to wrap up warm this month!

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