Bold as Brass - Metallics Trend 2015

Bold as Brass - Metallics Trend 2015
Here at Red Candy we have seen many trends come and go. Some stick around for a few years, and others - much like the haribos in our office - are quick to disappear. Happily the Metallics trend falls into the former category! From the 2013 copper trend to the brass and gold designs coming through this year, these magnificent metals are clearly here to stay. These sleek metallic designs are very fluid (of course not literally) and can complement a range of interior styles. Why not add some copper accessories to a rustic farmhouse kitchen or add a gold clock to a contemporary living room? Metallic accessories also look great in an industrial style space, as they fit in perfectly with the raw materials value of the style. Plus the current Wire trend is an off-shoot from the metallic trend - read all about the popularity of wire products here! So if you are thinking of giving your home a metal makeover, or simply fancy giving a room a subtle metallic accent, then check out our selection below for inspiration! Bold as brass Brass was huge at the beginning of 2015, with top brand such as Umbra making this stylish material the focus of new designs. A slightly softer colour than copper, brass is a great way to add a subtle metallic accent to your walls! metal blog 2 L-R

Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel Large, £30 Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel Small - Set of 2, £25 Umbra Pendant Square Scarf Holder, £12.50 Umbra Fotochain Photo Display, £35 Noella Vase - Brass, £29.50 Gavi Brass Wine Rack - Small, £65 Umbra Prisma Multi Photo Display, £30 Gavi Brass Wine Rack - Large, £125

Cool copper The copper trend emerged in late 2013, and the fact that it came at the same time as the vintage resurgence is no coincidence! These sleek designs are perfect for adding a touch of old-fashioned or rustic style to your home, but can also be used just as effectively in modern and industrial style spaces. We have been on the copper bandwagon for a while now, collecting cool copper for every category - see below! metal blog L-R Industrial Pendant Lamp - Copper, £180 Karlsson Little Big Time - Copper, £28 Boston Industrial Pendant Lamp - Copper, £290 Noella Vase - Copper, £29.50 Karlsson Minimal Copper Clock - White, £50 Umbra Pendant Triangle Scarf Holder, £12.50 Karlsson Alarm Clock Minimal, £17.50 Open Grid Fruit Basket - Copper, £14.50 Koziol Babell Tiered Fruit Dish - Copper, £19.80 Good as gold Exuding glamour at every step, gold accessories will add a touch of bling to your abode! metal blog 3 L-R Open Grid Fruit Basket - Gold, £14.50 Karlsson Little Big Time Clock - Gold, £28 Karlsson Gold Station Wall Clock, £49 Nifty nickel A popular choice for functional household items, such as coat hooks and pendant lights, nickel looks great with any colour scheme. metal blog 4 L-R Boston Industrial Pendant Lamp - Brushed Nickel, £275 Umbra Burst Metal Wall Clock, £64.95 Umbra Flip Hook - Nickel, £30 Umbra Flo Nickel 6 Photo Frame, £24 Umbra Tangle Photo Display, £20 Other metals / metallic finishes From gun metal to matt black wire, and from silver to metallic-finish glass, we have a magnificent metallic to tickle everyone's fancy! METAL BLOG 6 DeLonghi Scultura Kettle - Gun Metal, £99 Blomus Wires Fruit Basket, £16 Umbra Matrix Multi Photo Display - Large, £75 LSA Polka Wine Glasses - Metallic - Set of 4, £27 Umbra Cubist Shelf - Large, £40 DeLonghi Scultura Toaster - Zinc White, £99 Karlsson Little Big Time - Silver, £28 Globe Pendant Light, £120 Wesco Pushboy Bin - New Silver, £126
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