Wash away your troubles of dull bathroom decor with the help of our fabulous bathroom accessories & decor! We have a wonderful array of unusual and unique products ranging from colourful toilet rolls, animal toothbrush holders, funky bath mats, sheep toilet roll holders and you’ll find that our cherry toilet brush is just the cherry on PLOP!

Avalanche Toilet Paper Shelf

Run for your life!!!! You don’t want to get crushed by the white stuff!


Dirty Bitch Soap

‘Dirty Bitch Soap’?! Don’t be so rude! Go and wash your mouth out with soap! Not this soap though, that would probably make it much worse, and turn your mouth glittery!

Koinobori Travel Laundry Bag

The Koinobori Travel Laundry Bag - Blue is a brilliant combination of form and functionality. Shaped like a Koinobori - a carp-shaped wind sock - this nifty design actually serves as a hanging laundry bag.

Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

“Traditional tissue boxes are not exactly fun… I wanted to transform this everyday household item into an object of play.” And designer Mauricio Affonso has undoubtedly achieved this with the wonderfully whimsical Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover - White!

White & Gold Tooth Toothbrush Holder

Tooth be told, this is the best way to brush!

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