Botanical Wall Decor

Turn over a new leaf in your home this spring with some delightful botanical-themed wall decor. Botanical home decor isn't limited to vintage prints as you'll see below. We've got some really creative ideas for adding a botanical accent in your home without having to scour antiques markets.

If you've never tried out wall stickers before, you're in for a treat. They work fantastically well for anyone that lives in an apartment or rented house as the walls are usually an economy white that hasn't been updated in years.

Although we love minimal white as much as the next person, sometimes you need a pop of interest or colour and we think that's perfectly catered for with some of our botanical wall stickers below. They're easy to apply to the wall like a transfer tattoo and when you remove them, they don't even leave any marks behind, genius!

Plum Blossom Wall Stickers
Large Plum Blossom Wall Sticker:
Tree and Birdcage Wall Sticker:

Stylish Tree and Bird Sticker:

Wall stickers aside, there's also another way you can get creative with your home decor. The fabulous wall decor sets by Umbra are excellent for adding a 3D element to your walls and a bit of texture too. With plenty of different botanical wall decor ideas from Umbra to choose from, below are three of our favourites.

Umbra Natura Wall Decor:
Umbra Monarchy Wall Decor:

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