Colour Combo: Mint & Copper

Colour Combo: Mint & Copper
mint and copper Mint and copper are both hot trends at the moment, which got us thinking: what if we combined them? The result is a beautifully modern colour mix which would look fantastic in any home! From clocks to side tables, we have a range of accessories which would help you instantly create this stunning look in your own pad! Check out our copper and mint accessories below! Copper product collage House Magazine Rack - Copper, £18.50 Karlsson Little Big Time – Copper, £28 Boston Industrial Pendant Lamp – Copper, £290 Noella Vase – Copper, £29.50 Karlsson Minimal Copper Clock – White, £50 Umbra Pendant Triangle Scarf Holder, £12.50 Karlsson Alarm Clock Minimal, £17.50 Open Grid Fruit Basket – Copper, £14.50 Koziol Babell Tiered Fruit Dish – Copper, £19.80 Mint product collage Umbra Perftime Wall Clock - Mint, £30 Umbra Fotoblock Multi Frame - Mint, £30 Umbra Woodrow Waste Bin - Mint, £20 Orbit Side Table - Mint, £123 Umbra Toto Storage Box - Mint, £30 Umbra Hangit Photo Display - Mint, £19 Silk Teapot - Mint, £17.50 Open Minded Mint Side Table - Small, £136 Mint Rubber Washing Up Bowl, £45 Room inspiration:
Mint and copper kitchen Source: Pinterest
Karlsson Minimal Copper Clock
Source: Decorology
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