Corner of the Office

Corner of the Office

Today's picture is a shot of my little corner of our office.

Red Candy Office
I must say, I love working in a space that's so unlike your usual office environment. I also get a fabulous view of Birmingham's happening arts and media quarter, The Custard Factory. Definitely good for motivation!

A few weeks ago I came across a really innovative concept for an work space by Italian office furniture manufacturer, Tecno. The design is such that the desks and dividers form organic patterns across the office floor as if they grew there overnight from some extraterrestrial acorn.

Tecno Office
They also sport a rather invigorating green colour that would certainly wake me up on a sleepy Monday morning. But don't take my word for it. The design, by Pierandrei Associati won them the 2010 Red Dot Award, one of the most coveted prizes in the design world. See more photos and concept drawings at

What about you? Do you have an off beat office space you'd like to show off? Or maybe you think you have the worlds most boring desk and youre in dire need of some inspiration? Take some pictures and send them on in with a description to and well pick some to feature on the blog.

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