7 creative ways to instantly make a small room seem bigger!

7 creative ways to instantly make a small room seem bigger!
As champions of colourful interiors which are full of individual character, we're often asked to provide tips and tricks on adding personal touches to homes - whether its how to create a photo feature wall, how to make rented accommodation at home, or even how to show off your office's personality. But it's not just interior and lifestyle publications which come to us for tips: our customers also often ask our advice on accessories and trends for their homes. And one question which keeps coming up is based around rooms which are a little on the "cosy" side. The box room. The spare room. The cupboard. Everyone has one, and whatever you call it, one question keeps popping up: what on earth do we do with them?! And how do we disguise the fact that these rooms are a bit spatially-challenged? But fear not, there are a few things that can be done to make sure these rooms still look inviting, and don't appear like the small and cluttered areas we imagine them to be!! Here are our 7 top tips: Bright Idea 1. Bright idea Lighting is key in creating the impression of space in cosier rooms. Spread out floor and desk lamps around the room - don’t just stick to one central ceiling light as this can leave areas in shadow; making it look as though the walls are closer than they are! See here for lighting inspiration. Keep Moving Up 2. Keep moving on up Draw the eye upwards to create the impression of a higher ceiling! Position your shelves higher up, or even paint the ceiling in a different colour! Mirror Mirror 3. Mirror mirror… Mirrors are another way of creating the illusion of space is positioning mirrors around the room. They will also help with keeping the room nice and light, and can be used as a statement feature piece too! See here for modern mirrors!

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When decorating, opt for walls, furniture and soft furnishings in light colours. This links back to the fact that lighter rooms look more spacious. Keeping the main piece of furniture - be it a bed or sofa - pale in colour will have a big impact on the overall view. Mind The Gap 5. Mind the gap Making it look like you have room to spare is key in making small spaces appear bigger, and a great way of doing this is moving furniture slightly away from the walls. This not only gives the room more depth but also provides a bit of extra storage space - as long as it’s kept out of view! Stag Wall Trophy 6. Keep it simple Don’t go overboard trying to distract from the room’s petite size with lots of décor and knick-knacks - it actually will have the opposite effect! Stick to the essentials in smaller rooms: a couple of large statement pieces will look much more effective than lots of smaller ones! striped-area-rug-luxury-coffee-tables-area-rugs-ikea-hampen-rug-striped-rugs-ikea-grey-of-striped-area-rug7. Earn your stripes Consider using stripes to elongate the room with a patterned rug, carpet or even wooden planks. This theory can also be applied to your walls - using vertically striped wallpaper on at least one wall will deceive your guests into thinking you have a higher ceiling; therefore creating the impression of a larger room! ***The Cosy Room edit*** Mirrors, lighting, simple storage, and light colours! Cosy Room Edit - Red Candy Products L-R: - Cyclops Large Mirror - Gold, £46 - Silhouette Cotton Lampshade - Cole & Son The Woods, from £40 - Palm V2 Framed Print, from £47 - Mingle Floor Lamp - Grey, £75 - Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool, £100 - Stag Head Wooden Wall Art, £160 - Coy Plant Pot - Blue, £9.50 - Cream Window Wall Mirror, £99.5 - CorkFrame - Square, £70 - Geometric Rug - Pink, from £165 - Open Grid Fruit Basket - Copper, £14.50 - Umbra Mira Mirror, £80 - Karlsson Little Big Time Clock - Copper, £28 - Thomas Kent Arabic Clock Stonewash Blue - 20 inch, £89 Room image credits: - http://www.greatertorontobuilders.com/colour-code-interior-decor-ideas/ - https://www.pinterest.es/pin/64246732162395013/ - http://www.nigeriaoc.org/striped-area-rug/ - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/157063105735493150/
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