Designer Dog Bowls for Pampered Pooches

Designer Dog Bowls for Pampered Pooches
We've rounded up the best designer dog bowls available in the UK for your beloved cool canine friend! There's no reason that your doggie shouldn't be able to dig into their biscuits in style, so we've scoured the sites and found some fabulously creative and funky dog bowls that would make a great gift for any dog lover or indeed a birthday or Christmas treat for your pet.

This cream ceramic bowl with small navy spots is a lovely dotty bowl for adding a bit of style to your kitchen. We can see this looking perfect alongside coastal colours and cottage-style interiors.

Navy Spotty Dog Water Bowl via: The Stylish Dog Company

An easy to clean and unusual bit of kit for your canine, this funky dog bowl is bright pink in colour and features a cool oblong shape making a bright and colourful accent.

Buster Incredibowl via: Muddy Paws
With a ceramic dish and a tan leather exterior, Waifs & Strays have created the sort of dog bowl that's definitely for the most discerning of pooches.
Waifs & Strays Feeding Bowl via: Groomers Online

This seriously stylish dog bowl from Alessi is brilliant in a number of ways. Along with it's pretty red hue, the Lula dog bowl features a lid on top which is perfect for covering left over food in the summer. We love it!
Alessi Lula Red Dog Bowl via: Red Candy

We're definitely starting to wonder if perhaps the dogs have it better than the humans with this line-up, which is your favourite?
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