Did Somebody Say Designer Toilet Paper???

Did Somebody Say Designer Toilet Paper???

Toilet paper may be the last thing you think of when it comes to designer products, but believe it or not - it's one of the most popular items on Red Candy.

Renova is a pioneer generation of toilet paper thanks to its active softness, but has also become part of fashion. Throwing a party? dress up the bathroom with Renova's variety of vibrant colours - match these with Renova's other products such as napkins for the food and the kitchen roll for any spillages!

Every room in the house says a lot about a person, and with the variety of colours and uses for each product, there is no wonder why the Renova products are just simply top of the class.

Renova's Philosphy

Can you remember the last time you felt really well? In harmony with yourself and the surrounding people? Balancing your own body and soul with the involving nature? Have you ever experienced to feel, at any point of your life, that you and the Universe are combined in a single entity?

That's what the Well-Being is all about, your interior essence in accordance with the exterior world: the perfect dialogue between body and spirit. So that Mankind can reach a global understanding of nature and be able to protect the Earth from its past destructive actions. A reborn planet, full of beauty, variety and color. Renova's unique and only universe, is your own.

Every time Renova offers you a better well-being, of the body, mind and senses... Renova is doing its mission: building for you a new harmony.

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