Five 'Rad' Red Candy Products Plucked from the 90s

Five 'Rad' Red Candy Products Plucked from the 90s
I remember having a conversation in the mid-2000’s. I was drinking a fluorescent cocktail at an 80’s themed bar, set to the soundtrack of “The Power of Love’. It was in this context that my friend stated, “We’ll be here in a decade’s time...drinking Hooch and doing the Macarena”. It’s safe to say, I heavily disagreed. Growing up in the 90s, I was very much under the impression that once we hit the millennium, the decade would be swiftly swept under the rug, never to be mentioned again. However, given its rapid ascent to the forefront of modern fashion, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The 90s are IN, and I’ve never felt more nostalgic. When did we start hating on bright colours? The 90s were a technicolour hodgepodge of Hot Pink, Toxic Green and Smileyface Yellow. Then, the noughties crash landed, and we all started taking ourselves too seriously. What were we were left with? Earth colours? Cream? BEIGE?! Minus inflatable furniture and Orange-pine kitchens, there are a number of 90s influenced designs and styles that are coming back in a big way. Here's a selection of some Red Candy items that we think ooze that fantastic 90s nostalgia. Monochrome Abstract Lampshade - Neon Pink 1 Behold! A pattern originally reserved for teen-focused product packaging (I definitely remember seeing this pattern on the box of my super rad pair of neon inline skates). The style is now high fashion! And why shouldn’t it be? It’s strikingly bold and effortlessly chic. Sunset Printed Mirror 2 Featuring a Neon Sunset (palm trees included!), this printed mirror is a snapshot of a time and place that never existed. Taking influence from early 90s video games and 80s TV shows, this mirror features colours you haven’t seen in over a decade! Pink Flamingo Lamp 3 This Hot pink Flamingo lamp is the definition of conspicuous. The kind of item that would have lingered in the back of Kelly Kapowski’s bedroom, next to her heart-shaped framed picture of Zack Morris. Super Mario Kart Art Print 4 Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo was the quintessential 90’s friendship-ender. “Oh, you’re almost over the finish line? WELL TOO BAD, HERE’S A RED SHELL”. The nostalgia is real. This item is the perfect reminder of a glorious pre-internet childhood! Koziol Orion Hanging Lamp - Red
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Orion lamp, I choose you! Wow, this lamp shade is giving me flashbacks to 5-hour car journeys to the seaside, equipped with nothing but a Gameboy to keep me entertained. This item would be a perfect gift for a pokemon fan, both old and young alike!
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