* Fresh Candy * Lustworthy Leitmotiv Side Tables

If you're a frequent visitor to our new additions page, you might have spotted that we've added a whole new category of beautifully designed items in the form of Leitmotiv's furniture range. With very clever design and lots of thought to the colouring, these side tables are definitely eye-catching and shouldn't be hidden under a stack of newspapers and magazines.

We're certainly rather taken with the Orbit table above. In a fresh mint hue with light coloured wooden legs, this side table is equal parts pretty and bright, making an interesting colourful pop in a white room. On another note, we think that that rocking chair deserves to be made in red, how cute would that be!

Orbit Side Table - Orange via Red Candy

The Orbit also reminds us of the huge trend for dipped furniture at the moment. If you've ventured near Pinterest lately you might have seen any number of furniture DIY's where table legs, chair legs and all sorts of other things (pets not included) have been dipped in neon paint. The pop of colour against the plain wood is an instant way to get a style update for the room and won't break the bank. It's also far less painful than painting the walls or re-upholstering a sofa.
Open Minded Grey Side Table via Red Candy

The Open Minded Side Table doesn't rely to heavily on bright colours, but on it's clever design aesthetic. With a modern look that wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery, this little design wonder is contemporary and yet not too nuts that it wouldn't look great in a modern living room or bedroom.

Open Minded Mint Side Table - Small via Red Candy

Did we mention that the Open Minded table comes in a range of fresh colours? For an instant Scandinavian addition to a room, pop one of these small side tables alongside white walls and flooring. The only thing a little more questionable about this look is that odd pink bird.
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