Freshen up!

Freshen up!
We are always excited to get new products up on our site, and that's happening a lot lately (we're big fresh-start fans). So, with all this sprucing, new additions and dusting-off occurring, it's important to have a place to pop the old stuff (scrunched-up paper and old post-its etc).

So, as if by magic, part of our new additions are these fresh Woodrow Waste Bins from Umbra! Made from wood and finished in 3, dreamy hues, these nifty interior-accessories will bring the warmth of Spring and Summer into your living space, well before the weather warms up!.

We kind-of want a reason to collect all of them... So we're thinking of popping one by the sofa and using it for storing our latest design magazines (and Marvel comics) and maybe one by the front door for our umbrellas (note to self; must buy more umbrellas). To get your hands on one of these delightfully-designed Woodrow Waste Bins from Umbra, clickety-click here.
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