Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!

Happy Birthday Harry Houdini!

Today is Harry Houdini's birthday!
Yes, this great Escape Artist, Actor and Magician was born on this very day back in 1874.

His most famous act was to escape a Chinese water torture cell. In this escape, Houdini's feet would be locked in stocks, and he would be lowered upside down into a tank filled with water. The mahogany and metal cell featured a glass front, through which audiences could clearly see Houdini. The stocks would be locked to the top of the cell, and a curtain would conceal his escape.

In the earliest version of the Torture Cell, a metal cage was lowered into the cell, and Houdini was enclosed inside that. While making the escape more difficult (the cage prevented Houdini from turning), the cage bars also offered protection should the front glass break. The original cell was built in England, where Houdini first performed the escape for an audience of one person as part of a one-act play he called "Houdini Upside Down".

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