How To Make Your Hallway Look GREAT!

How To Make Your Hallway Look GREAT!
Create a stunning hallway and help your home make the best first impression! This area can sometimes be overlooked when accessorising your abode; but it is arguably one of the most important spaces in the house as it introduces guests to your home’s personality.
From designer coat hooks to retro telephones, our hallway collection includes a range of stylish accessories to wow your visitors as soon as they walk through your front door!
Peaches the Parrot Wall Planter

Pre-parrot to fall in love with this planter!

Forget Polly - Peaches the Parrott is the wall planter with a ton of pizazz! With a cheeky look on her face, this multicoloured bird is ready to take pride of place on your gallery wall and she’ll certainly have all your friends squawking!

Though Peaches has a definite personality, you won’t have to worry about her talking your ear off! Just mount her on the wall, fill her head with some pretty petals and she’ll be happier than her peppy pirate pals.

And if you’re not particularly green-fingered, feel free to fill this plant pot with crackers - we’re sure that Peaches would love that! 

Sparrow Key Ring Duo

Never lose your keys again with the Sparrow Key Ring Duo - Blue & White! This novelty key holder from Qualy is the perfect way of keeping track of your keys.

This quirky birdhouse key holder comes in the form of two cute sparrow whistle keyrings - one white and one blue - which sit in an adorable white house! By placing the birdhouse in an obvious spot in your hallway, placing your birds back on their perch as you walk in the door will soon become a habit!

The birdhouse itself can either sit on a shelf or be easily attached the wall using the sticky foam squares provided. Guests will marvel at these cute critters sitting happily in their birdhouse, whilst keeping your keys safe and sound. These chirpy fellows also include a handy whistle in their tails for emergencies.

This super cool set would make a lovely present for birdwatchers and for anyone who can often be found bellowing the immortal phrase: “Where are my keys??!”

Retro Container Side Table in Blue

Introducing... The Retro Container Side Table in Blue!

Looking to add some character to your living room? Pop this piece of retro into your den and watch it become the room's focal point! Using the highest of quality finishes, this table and container is cleverly designed with shelving and a functional locking system!

Use it as storage as well as a side table, occasional table, office storage unit or even a bedside table.

Umbra Estique Hallway Organiser 

Add a contemporary storage solution to your entrance hall with the Umbra Estique Hallway Organiser! This glorious multi-purpose design is a key holder, letter tray and storage caddy all at once.

The Estique comprises a perforated metal caddy with a row of small wooden ball hooks running underneath. The caddy can hold anything from post to wallets, and can also display a cheerful houseplant, as shown in the image. The five hooks are ideal for keys and even light accessories such as scarves and ties.

This modern integrated design is ideal for grabbing your essentials as you dash out the door in the morning! See on the right for more contemporary hallway storage solutions!

Feck Off! Doormat

Who else could swap a letter in the F-bomb and make it sound so welcoming? Call it the charm of the Irish.

This Feck Off Doormat is sure to be sure to evoke a “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” reaction. A much easier way to offend your guests than an Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman joke that falls as flat as a Peaky Blinders cap.

Walking on this hardy coconut coir doormat is considered luckier than plucking a four leaf clover, or coming face to face with a Leprechaun (as long as you don't nick his gold!)

Chaz the Cheetah Doormat

Spot this Cheetah in our Red Candy savannah. His natural habitat is the warm spot under a door frame, where he has a good view of visitors and can protect his home from muddy footprints and wet wellies. He can often be seen lying on the floorboards, lazing under the hallway light.

But don’t linger too long on the mat, otherwise he’ll bolt up and catch your creps before you can say ‘I’ve been spotted!’ Mmm, Air Max is his favourite food.

Although Chaz can’t roar, he’s as fast as a race car, so catch him while you can before he sprints out of stock.

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