How to get your Hygge on in your home!

There’s been a lot of talk about this mysterious thing called “Hygge” floating around the homewares world recently. But what is it? Where did it come from? And how on earth do we pronounce it?! We thought it was Hygge-time we investigated (bad um tsch)! What is Hygge? Hygge is a unique Danish concept which centres on cosiness and well-being. Think candles, warm blankets and spending time with those you love! But this philosophy (pronounced “hooga” - in case you were wondering!) is much more than lighting a few candles and wearing fluffy socks - it’s all about your approach to life: slowing things down and enjoying the simple things. Passing trend or lifestyle game-changer?
Hygge has only recently hit the big time but we think it’s here to stay! A culture of enjoying the good things in life - what’s not to love? Plus, the Danes are well known for their relaxed attitude to life, their amazingly cosy homes, and not to mention being named the world’s happiest country in 2016, so we reckon they *might* just be on to something! How do I bring some Hygge to my home? Despite being more of a philosophy than something you can buy, creating the right atmosphere in your home is still a major part of Hygge! After all, Hygge is about how we feel day-to-day, and our homes have a big impact on this. We've created a list of our 4 top tips for creating a home that will help you on your path to Hygge heaven! And, since we are mere homeware buffs and not psychologists: for more info on the philosophy of Hygge, see the links at the bottom of the blog! 1. Candles and warm lighting Candles are one of the main things associated with Hygge homes - and with good reason! Hygge is all about warmth, cosy atmospheres, and winding down: and candle lit dinners and baths are good places to start! And it’s not just candles - the way you light each room will have a big impact on your attitude. Turning on a few warm table lamps instead of the bright main light will help you wind down before bed and will create a more intimate atmosphere at a social get-together! 2. Super soft furnishings Cushions, warm throws and rugs are essential for creating a welcoming and homely atmosphere in your pad. They will not only help us to wind down after a busy day, but will keep us warm as we hunker down for winter! 3. Fill your home with photos A major part of the Hygge philosophy is a focus on our friends and family, so adding a bunch of photo displays to each room will immediately add a sense of Hygge to proceedings! 4. Scandi style simplicity Adopting a Scandi Style theme in your abode will also help you de-stress. Scandinavian style rooms are characterised by minimalism, elegance, and crisp design, so by cutting the clutter and adding some simple Scandi touches, your home will be a haven of relaxation and mindfulness! Our top Hygge picks hygge-choices-1 -House Candle Holder - Gold, £17 -Umbra Tuckit Photo Display, £28.50 -Orbit Table Lamp - White, £39 -Umbra Clothesline Shadowbox - Natural, £33 -Black + Blum T-Loop Tealight Holder - Copper, £18 -Creature Comforts Solemn Stag Cushion, £25 -Sumo Pouf - Light Grey, £279.90 -Mr Orange Cuckoo Clock - Beige Stripes, £285 -Hello Floor Lamp - White, £480 -Snuggles Rug - Mint, from £165 -Loop Candelabra - Chrome and Copper, £23 -Boho Gold Pineapple Candle Holder, £10 Our top Scandi Style picks hygge-choices-2 -Karlsson Wood Sunflower Clock, £89 -Umbra Woodrow Waste Bin - Mint, £20 -Graceful Cabinet - Two Drawers - Pink, £85 -Orbit Side Table - Dark Grey, £95 -Umbra Gazette Magazine Rack - White, £39.50 -Umbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock, £50 -Normann Copenhagen Form Rocking Armchair - White Oak, £390 -Saturnus Coat Rack - Natural Wood, £12.50 -Forminimal Draining Fruit Bowl and Mat, £25 -Umbra Flip Hook - Natural, £24 -Umbra Flapper Coat Rack - White/Natural, £148 -Normann Copenhagen Block Table - White, £155 Further reading on Hygge - The art of Danish hygge - Visit Denmark - How to achieve the Danish art of Hygge - The New Daily - 11 Ways To Hygge Up Your Home… Danish Style! - Rightmove blog
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