I Love Lamp 💡❤️

I Love Lamp 💡❤️
We’ve all had that lightbulb moment - let the discovery of these unusual table lamps be yours!
Both functional and fabulously good-looking, these quirky table lamps are perfect for side tables and bedside tables. If a corner of your living room or bedroom needs a brightness boost, then look no further than these fun lamp designs.

Moon Hand Night Light - White

We always preferred the light side of the moon, anyway!

Mr Bookish Table Lamp

This chap is very well read… no wonder he’s so bright!

Diplodocus Wood Effect Dino Lamp

A night light for a fossil fanatic

Neon Love Table Lamp

What’s love got to do with it?
Everything… it’s a love lamp

Good Dog Table Lamp

Good doggie! Sit. Sit. Sit! Oh, I forgot it doesn’t have voice recognition… yet

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Lamp

‘I’m so tired’ was written by the light of this lamp

Purrfect Neon Table Light

Turn the PAW-er on and watch this kitty glow!
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