If you are wearing a toilet paper wedding dress, don't honeymoon in Venezuela.

Have you seen this wedding dress constructed out of toilet paper yet? Yes, it's totally bananas and yes it would be absolutely tragic if it decided to rain, but we can't help but wonder how fun this would have been if one of the coloured toilet paper rolls by Renova were used.

Perfect for a "Bridesmaids"-type situation.

Dare I say it, the creation on the right actually looks rather pretty! Those ruffles, its darling. On the other hand, if the one on the left was created from the Renova pink toilet paper below, it'd probably work as a cost-effective costume for the next Toddlers and Tiaras pageant.

Renova Toilet Roll - Fucsia Paper
Renova Pink Toilet Paper

Little black dress: Kester Canada won second place with this chic toilet paper creation

You could go chic with the Renova black loo roll to create the little black dress above. Again, please carry an umbrella.

Black Toilet Paper - Renova Tissue Roll
Renova Black Toilet Paper


photo via: http://www.cheap-chic-weddings.com/

Hmm, we reckon that the kimono would look even more fetching in the bright red, you agree?

Renova Toilet Tissue - Red Paper
Renova Red Toilet Paper
A toilet paper dress is definitely an idea for the lowest budget, unless you're in Venezuela, where the toilet paper shortage means that it's probably cheaper to just buy an actual dress.

For more about the toilet paper crisis there click here.

As an extra thought along the toilet paper wedding dress line though, lets hope that the toilet paper brides don't decide to honeymoon in Venezuela any time soon, it could get messy.

Check out the full range of colourful Renova toilet tissue here.
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