It's a nice day for a bright wedding!

It's a nice day for a bright wedding!
Wedding season is happening (whether you like it or not), it's in full swing! Stuck for that special something to give the happy couple? Well, don't worry, Red Candy are here with an array of gift ideas for any blissful newlyweds! Or perhaps it's your nuptials that are coming up, and you need to put together a gift list...again, we are here to help. Let's face it, once you've got the gifts out the way, you can enjoy drinking bubbles and dancing to Agadoo for the evening...

It is 100% fact that most people have a kitchen. So why wouldn't you want the very best in colourful, Italian design adorning it? Not to mention the superior functionality that Bugatti has to offer, see here.
Or, if you're feeling super wedding-traditional, you can of course always choose white:
For those who love quirky, yet timeless design, then look know further than the array of items from Alessi. There's something for every budget, the option of a 'his n hers' gift and statement pieces for any interior space: Alessi.
And for the classic white option:
There's a clock for every room, interior style and occasion, with our range from Newgate Clocks: Tick Tock
And in the tradition of this very blog, classically white:
And don't forget, there is always something new at Red Candy: NEW STUFF

So take a look around and see what you might like to surprise the happy couple with (or yourself).

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