Jewel Toned Tea Light Holders by LSA

Jewel Toned Tea Light Holders by LSA
The perfect accessory for cool summer nights on the patio, these gem-hued tea light holders will take you from the humid tones of August straight into a cosy autumn. Bright accessories have the magical power of being able to transform a room almost instantly and these bright coloured gems of glassware will definitely breathe fresh life into both classic and contemporary interiors.

With a clean, minimal look, these tea light holders are perfect for fuss-free entertaining, they'd look just as good in the centre of the dining table as they would on your coffee table. Mix and match the colours to create different palettes. Aside from our favourite, the ruby red tea light holder of course, we love the pairing of the amber and peridot lights for a safari/botanical interior look.

Whichever shade you decide to go for, we can't imagine it will be too long before you want to collect all the other colours. Another triumph in beautiful, high-quality design from LSA, these candle holders are definitely on our birthday list, and wedding list....and Christmas list....oh, you get it ;)

Jewel Toned

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