Live in a Advert and get your Mortgage Paid!

Adzookie is an advertising company that recently came up with an infamous idea of turning your homes into billboards.
One may think this is a rather sinister advertising concept, whilst many would cringe at the idea of their house being one big advertisement. Which is why the advertisers added an extra perk: paying the owners’ mortgage every month, as long as the house stays painted.

In the words of Adzookie themselves:

"We're looking for houses to paint. In fact, paint is an understatement. We're looking for homes to turn into billboards. In exchange, we'll pay your mortgage every month for as long as your house remains painted

Here are a few things we're looking for. You must own your home. It cannot be rented or leased. We'll paint the entire outside of the house, minus the roof, the windows and any awnings. Painting will take approximately 3 - 5 days. Your house must remain painted for at least three months and may be extended up to a year. If, for any reason, you decide to cancel after three months or if we cancel the agreement with you, we'll repaint your house back to the original colors.

If you're prepared for the bright colors and stares from neighbors just complete the submission form below. We review every submission. If your home meets our criteria, an Adzookie team member will contact you

The proposition is open internationally, so if you want help paying the mortgage and think your house is in a prime position, sign up now at Adzookie!
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