Matchstick Light by Sam Thompson

'Matchstick Light' by designer Sam Thompson is a design that draws on the simple, clean lines of dimensional lumber.

Sam Thompson's own words:
'… I was fascinated by the possibility of having a bright, usable light derived from an unexpected form and material – namely 3/4″ sticks of maple. High quality stainless steel machine screws and wing nuts complete the utilitarian aesthetic, while the red cord and red stained dimmer at the tip of the light suggest further purpose and inner power.
The lamp's simple outer form hides the complexities of its manufacturing. Each light is milled from one solid maple blank. The sticks of maple are comprised of two separate halves, with all components and wiring sealed inside. The light is an exploration of how a CNC mill can expand and enhance the capabilities of the maker; allowing them to create something that would be impossible, or at least unreasonable, to create entirely by hand.'

The design is a collaboration between Sam Thompson and electrical engineer Zack Shivers.

Top detail resembles a matchstick with vents that purposefully quote the striking area on a matchbox.

The head of the match is used to turn on and off, as well as to dim the light.

Detail of the 'Matchstick' head.

Constructed of 3/4" maple sticks and stainless steel machine screws and wing nuts.

Powerful LEDs provide ample light and extreme efficiency.

Vents on the side and top cool the LEDs and allow for a long life.

The base is filled with steel bars to improve stability.

'Matchstick' is produced as a limited run of 28.

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