Morning Routines of the Successful

For most of the Red Candy team, the day starts with a blind fumble for the alarm clock, a rushed piece of toast on the way out of the door, and at least two cups of coffee before we’re capable of coherent speech. Morning people are a rare breed around here, but we’ve been reliably informed they do actually exist. We’ve taken a look at the morning routines of clever and creative types, from business tycoons to musical prodigies. Some real characters cropped up in our research - Anna Wintour famously squeezes in an hour of tennis every morning before work, and Benjamin Franklin rose at 5 every day to ‘address Powerful Goodness’ (we prefer caffeine, but whatever floats your boat Ben!). At the other end of the spectrum, Winston Churchill began his working day by dictating to his secretaries from the comfort of his own bed, and writer William Styron refused to get up until midday at the earliest - sounds like our kind of guy! Compare your own morning routine to some of the world’s highest fliers with our handy infographic. If you do decide to shake things up, our selection of alarm clocks will help you to transform from a night owl to an early bird. Morning-Routines-Final
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