New on Red Candy - Wonder Wall Photo Frames

New on Red Candy - Wonder Wall Photo Frames

If you haven't noticed yet, we've been getting new items up on Red Candy every day, and one of the products we want to talk about is the Wonder Wall Photo Frame by Present Time.

The Wonder Wall is well on it's way to being on our best sellers list as it's already selling like crack hot cakes. It holds 32 photographs (16 on either side), is 115cm x 63cm and is available in Black or Silver.

The reason this is worth telling you about is that it works as a nifty room divider that you can use as you see fit.
As it stands on it's own you can use it to hang things over (as seen above) or use multiple frames to create a longer division that not only holds memories but your socks as well if your lazy fashionably disorganized.

I feel that organized chaos is always the way forward - as long as no one else messes with my mess!

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