Not So Fragile by UXUS

Furniture items are an important part of all dwellings and offices. They decorate our spaces and have the power to change the whole appearance of an area in a matter of seconds. But what happens once we are done with the furniture piece? Well most of us will throw them out or sell them without even realizing what magic they can still create. Uxus is out with a repurposed furniture collection christened as 'Not So Fragile'. As the name suggests the collection is quite sturdy against its appearance.

The collection is very beautiful and alluring. All that has gone to bring this beautiful collection to life is things that were either discarded or were worth throwing away. Such pieces were smothered with neon orange packing tape (though it looks pretty red if you ask us) and given a new lease on life, that too the eco-friendly way.

The raw material used to make the furniture items look elegant is not only easily available but also only one of its kind. Normally if someone is told that the collection has been crafted using just orange colored tapes, they will raise an eyebrow thinking it won’t solve any purpose as it will be delicate and can break easily. But Not So Fragile will eliminate all such thoughts with its durability.

Artists have a unique quality of crafting things that stand out of the crowd. Their perception of exquisiteness knows no bounds. The collection will feel like a poem that has a lot of emotions attached. The usage of striking orange has a magnetic property of attracting attention.

Not So Fragile will help protecting the environment further by bringing into use materials that would have piled up in junkyards. Place them anywhere and see the space illuminate with its aura.

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