Red Accents in your Home pt. 1

Everyone has a room that could do with a red hot makeover, but if you’re not ready to commit wholly then why not give it a small dose of red instead? As NYC interior designer mentioned “When people walk into a red room, they immediately respond” and it’s true! Even utilitarian rooms can benefit from a little red treatment and it’s a great choice for kitchens too, as the more crimson shades are said to stimulate appetite!

1. Add a slice of Red Hot!

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a whole red room, why not just paint a slice or one wall? The effect can be really striking, especially if you’re prepared to get creative with your paintbrush!

As you can see, even red wall details can make a big difference to the room, and given a bit of time can make a beautiful centrepiece in a room.

If you're feeling less inspired to pick up a tiny paintbrush and add some detail, why not opt for a block colour and then use something to break up the colour like wooden dado rail or something similar - remember it's your canvas!

And if you're feeling really adventurous, you could go the whole hog and get some really quirky and unusual wall décor!

2. Pick a style, and make it work for you!

When redecorating a whole room, I always go in with a specific style in mind and then I can make snappier decisions about what is going to fit in and what will work etc.. Here are a few examples to get you inspired!

- Country - Go for red in small and subtle doses, nothing overpowering here! Think the simple life, no crass or garish designs, simple patterns and striking accessories. Crimson and Burgundy are the best shades to pick for this style.

- Traditional - Take a tip from Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen who refuses to accept that different shades can clash (he's not wrong in this case!) Piling red on red is a great technique and don't be afraid to go for a really dramatic oversized signature piece of furniture. Crimson is a good one to use for traditional too, but give it a regal feel by chucking some gold adornments and accessories in!

- Mid-Century - Think orangey hues and pillar box red for this style, the key is getting a really good mix of everything without going overboard. A great way to accentuate the red slices is to pick a colour that compliments but doesn't overpower the red - such as chocolate brown or beige.

- Modern - Go for a really bright and bold colour for this style, even on window treatment and walls - use a lot of white for a stark and eye-catching contrast! Anything big bold and graphic is perfect for this style, so don't be shy!

Next we''ll be looking at how you can use red in specific rooms to make every room in your home exhibit-worthy! If you're still not satisfied why not have a browse through the pictures below for inspiration!

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