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This week we’ve been looking at decorative vintage pieces for around the home, with an emphasis on some of the iconic and more recognizable designs. Here’s a round-up of the more quirky pieces we found.

Drop beets not bombs! Why not take an alternative approach to injecting a splash of colour into your kitchen with this beautiful retro farm sign.

We’ve fallen head over heels with this gorgeous little polka-dot enamel teapot, sure to be the perfect addition to our office tea set!

With all the summer beats we’ve been hearing the past week, we were inspired to look for an old new radio, and was amazed by some of the stunning original pieces we found.

This early Emerson Bakelite cube clock radio is absolutely stunning, and is still in working condition 50 years on!

We're absolutely in love with this Jetsons style shark-fin radio, sure to liven up any space and a guaranteed favourite amongst collectors.

Emerson "Shark-Fin" Bakelite Clock

Red Cross Badges

Helping do our bit for American Red Cross month this March, we were pleasantly surprised to find a whole host of vintage Red Cross medals and badges varying in conditions and value.

Red Cross Proficiency Medals

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