Red Interiors - Garcia D'Orta Secondary School

This ravishing red ceiling is just one part of the Garcia D'Orta Secondry School located in Boavista, Oporto, Portugal. This amazing, sheltered courtyard is completed with narrow skylights to really bring the bright red ceiling to life.

This awesome covering connects two separate buildings designed by Ricardo Bak Gordon, one containing the library and auditorium, the other houses classrooms above and a cafe below.

As you can see the colour red is a major theme, contrasting well with the stark white walls and grey flooring.

The following are details from Bak Gordon:

Garcia D’Orta Secondary School

The modernization project of the School Garcia de Orta, based on the construction of a new building, whose location, program and relationship with the existing built and empty spaces, can set a new centrality in the plot, providing the school new program areas essential to the new times.

This building, placed longitudinally in relation to school grounds, and an intermediate elevation view of the morphology of the terrain, allows the creation of a covered outdoor plaza that will serve as the epicenter of the whole school life, and supports two built spaces where we find the library, auditorium, bar / cafeteria, laboratories as well as other support equipment.

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