Are you ready to spring forward?

Are you ready to spring forward?
It’s less than two weeks until our clocks go forward! This might be bad news for our precious lie-ins but it does mean that spring is here and that summer (all two days of it) is safely on its way! Woo hoo! To celebrate the arrival of this glorious season we have gathered some spring-themed clocks - featuring beautiful bugs, wonderful woodland critters and cheerful cuckoos. And if the prospect of turning your clocks forward makes your realise that your home could do with a new and stylish ticker, then look no further than the collection below or click here for our entire clock collection!

Beautiful bugs

Because nothing says “spring is here” like a clock bursting with butterflies! Spring forward1 Time2bugs Wall Clock - Green, £155 *other colours available. Butterfly Clock Red, £135 Time2bee Wall Clock - Orange, £145 *other colours available.

Wonderful Woodland Critters

These stylish timepieces remind us that spring brings with it the cutest of creatures, from fluffy squirrels to baby bunnies! Spring forward2 Karlsson Woodpecker Clock - Brown, £59 *other colours available. Red Cucu Clock, £40 Koziol Pi:p Olive Wall Clock, £29.90 *other colours available.

Cheerful Cuckoo Clocks

These tweeting birdies remind us of spring-time all year round! Spring forward3 Bird Watching Cuckoo Clock, £380 Half Time Clock, £160 Cucu Home Cuckoo Clock, £240

Looking for inspiration?

Click here for our entire range of designer clocks, from exciting brands such as Karlsson, Newgate, Progetti and Thomas Kent!
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