The House We All Dreamt Of...

A Japanese studio called Level Architects have designed a house in Tokyo, Japan, with a slide connecting all three floors.

A staircase wraps around one side of the rectangular house and the slide encircles the other.

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Occupants can decide at each level whether to descend by the stairs or by slide.

The living areas are located on the first floor and lead out to a double-height terrace, which also doubles up as a ball pen for children to play in.

A bedroom and bathroom are located on the top floor and a Japanese-style room and home office can be found at ground level.

This is probably the house we all dreamt of as children and would probably still be inclined to have as adults too!

We can't believe how long it has taken for someone to realize this and make it happen - and that is why we take our hats off to Japan.

Jolly good show ol' chaps! *tweeks moustache*

Sourced from Dezeen

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