The Little things - Red Faucets

The Little things - Red Faucets

Here's a little something that caught our eye whilst browsing the web.
This is the KV1 Mixer faucet from Vola.
This beautiful mixer tap really stands out with this striking colour and instantly boosts your kitchen's uniqueness.

Now although it's obvious we are going to be bias towards the bright red and burgundy red, this tap is available in a variety of colours:

Now this tap is a bit pricey - you're looking at about $1224 (£755), but it is the idea of something that is used as part of a daily routine being something more than ordinary that excites us.

Take a look at these other colourful taps we found:

Another striking Kitchen mixer

More from Vola

Red and Chrome Mixer Tap

Classic Italian Design with a twist

Hows this for a red accent?

Hopefully this helps inspire some great uses of red in your Kitchen / Bathroom!
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