The Most Successful Colours in Sport

When you think of the most successful team colours in sport, it's red that always seems to pop into the mind. Whether that is Manchester United, Boston Red Sox or Montreal Canadiens, red is often thought of as the successful colour in sport. As red is of course a big favourite of ours, we wanted to find out if this was really true or if it was just a bunch of baloney! We researched a wide variety of sports and team shirts and jerseys to try to establish which colour ruled the roost. The sports we looked at were rugby, football, American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey as these were the sports with the most pronounced team strips. With football we also decided to take three of the best leagues in the world (Italian, Spanish and English), so we could get a range of results that would reflect the sport fairly. Whereas the other sports have a clearly dominant league in the country it is most popular, so we didn’t feel it would be a fair reflection to compare the NFL for instance with the BAFL as it may skew the results. The data we collected was from teams that won their league or main trophy in that sport, whether that was the Stanley cup, World Series or the countries league. The results we found were interesting. Red was not the most successful colour in sports! It was close, but according to our data white was king, and red slouched in a sorry second. The Most Successful Colours in Sport - Red Candy We didn’t just collect data on the shirt colours however, but on the kit patterns and designs. This meant we were able to come up with a recipe for ‘The Perfect Kits for Success in Sport’. Interestingly the first design (home) of a plain white shirt looks exactly like the mighty Real Madrid’s kit; whereas the second design (away) has the flag colours of USA and UK. These kits are sure to get any team winning, whether it is in the minor leagues or the majors, so if you can persuade your team to adopt these colours they’re sure to head to the top in no time! We hope you enjoy our infographic and we look forward to seeing a new wave Red Candy designed kits winning leagues and cups around the world! Please note: Our ‘Perfect Kit’ does not guarantee success; though they are guaranteed to make you look extra stylish Embed Code
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